TaskChampion is a personal task-tracking tool. It works from the command line, with simple commands like ta add "fix the kitchen sink". It can synchronize tasks on multiple devices, and does so in an "offline" mode so you can update your tasks even when you can't reach the server. If you've heard of TaskWarrior, this tool is very similar, but with some different design choices and greater reliability.

Getting Started

NOTE: TaskChampion is still in development and not yet feature-complete. This section is limited to completed functionality.

Once you've installed TaskChampion, your interface will be via the ta command. Start by adding a task:

$ ta add learn how to use taskchampion
added task ba57deaf-f97b-4e9c-b9ab-04bc1ecb22b8

You can see all of your pending tasks with ta next, or just ta for short:

$ ta
 Id Description                    Active  Tags
 1  learn how to use taskchampion

Tell TaskChampion you're working on the task, using the shorthand id:

$ ta start 1

and when you're done with the task, mark it as complete:

$ ta done 1


Even if you don't have a server, it's a good idea to sync your task database periodically. This acts as a backup and also enables some internal house-cleaning.

$ ta sync

Typically sync is run from a crontab, on whatever schedule fits your needs.

To synchronize multiple replicas of your tasks, you will need a sync server and a client key for that server. Configure these in ~/.config/taskchampion.yml, for example:

server_client_key: "f8d4d09d-f6c7-4dd2-ab50-634ed20a3ff2"
server_origin: "https://taskchampion.example.com"

The next run of ta sync will upload your task history to that server. Configuring another device identically and running ta sync will download that task history, and continue to stay in sync with subsequent runs of the command.

See Usage for more detailed information on using TaskChampion.